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Effective:  2/22/2019

Share and Club Accounts

Dividend rate = 0.25% APY*

Dividends are paid and compounded quarterly.

Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period.

Share Account Fees

  • New Account Closed (within 90 days): $10.00
  • Minimum balance (one share): $25.00
  • Minimum balance to earn a dividend: $100.00

Share Draft (Checking) Rates & Fees

Share Draft Accounts require no minimum balance and there is no service fee.

Overdraft Fees

  • $20.00 per overdraft

Other Fees

  • NSF fee: $20.00/item
  • Returned item: $20.00/item
  • Stop Payment: $20.00/request
  • Photocopy: $3.00 after 1 month
  • CU third party check: $5.00

A MasterCard Debit card is issued with each share draft account. This card can be used at all merchant locations as well as ATM's with the NYCE logo. You may now access ATM's with the SUM sign for "fee free" withdrawals. An overdraft line of credit is also issued with each share draft account. Therefore, an application must be completed and approved.

Funds Availability Policy

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)  (Available As IRA CD) Share Rates

Certificate of Deposit (CDs) (Available as IRA CD) Share Rates
Account Type Minimum Deposit APY* Interest Rate
6 Month $1,000.00 1.00% 1.00%
12 Month $1,000.00 1.51% 1.50%
18 Month $1,000.00 1.92% 1.90%
24 Month $1,000.00 2.02% 2.00%
36 Month $1,000.00 2.27% 2.25%
48 Month $1,000.00 2.53% 2.50%
60 Month $1,000.00 2.79% 2.75%

Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawals.

IRA Rates & Fees

Dividend rate = 0.50% APY*

Dividends are paid and compounded monthly and are paid from current earnings after required transfers. These are passbook accounts and have no term.

IRA Fees

  • Mandatory early withdrawal penalties apply.
  • $25.00 fee for transfers.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

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