In accordance with Section 1760 of the Federal Credit Union Act, as amended, the members are hereby notified of the Annual Meeting for 2020.


April 27, 2021 at 6 PM


Due to ongoing pandemic, this meeting will be held virtually via Ring Central.

Members will be elected to the Board of Directors.

To attend the Meeting, please utilize the following:

Please click the link below to join the meeting:

Join The Meeting

Or join by Telephone:

+1 (773) 2319226
+1 (312) 2630281
+1 (470) 8692200
+1 (646) 3573664
+1 (346) 9804201
+1 (469) 4450100
+1 (623) 4049000
+1 (650) 2424929
+1 (720) 9027700
+1 (213) 2505700

Webinar ID: 148 667 2187


Things to know when participating in the virtual annual meeting:

  • We encourage members to join the meeting online using their computer or laptop, which promises a more robust and engaging experience to watch and hear the proceedings, as well as participate in the voting process.
  • In the voting process, we will ask members to use the software’s virtual chatroom to respond when called to make a motion, second a motion, and indicate whether they are opposed to the motion under consideration.
  • Prior to the formal start of the virtual annual meeting, we will review the instructions for participating in the voting process and also invite all members in attendance to submit their names using the chatroom to ensure a quorum.
  • Members experiencing difficulty logging into the virtual annual meeting can call (508) 229-5639 for technical assistance.

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